Your paperless transition
to practice program

Our new Preceptorship Support Platform is intended to provide hospitals and healthcare organizations an online tool to improve learning outcomes and process efficiency in nursing preceptorship programs. This platform is customized to your hospital’s needs, and is specifically designed for preceptors, preceptees, and nursing education management.

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Manage training, relationships,
and well-being all in one place.

Our program supports a better nursing orientation process by making it easier to identify training and competency gaps, while building resiliency and reducing stress for the preceptees. Your recent graduates, and other new hires, will be able to track their training and receive immediate feedback from their preceptors, keeping them on track with their orientation.

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Mobile, Tablet,
and Desktop Ready

The Preceptorship Support Platform can be accessed anywhere on any device- all you need is your login information. This makes it simple and convenient for preceptees to track their patient interactions and the skills they acquire, while preceptors, as well as unit educators, can give feedback and check on their new hires’ progress at any time.

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